Congratulations for qualifying CORE300!

In the form below, please fill out all required fields if this is your first time logging in. Select the checkbox for each month you have qualified CORE300. On the first day of each month, the new month’s checkbox will be available. Every month you log in to report your CORE300 qualification, you will see your prior entries listed as well. Your personal circle includes any PV from retail sales, personal consumption, and registration of a new leg with the product bundle (60 PV per personal registration max). If the total sum meets or exceeds 300 PV in the month, you are qualified as CORE300.

Examples of calculating CORE300 PV:
Example 1: 50 PV retail + 70 PV personal + 3 New Personal legs (60 PV/kit) totals 300 PV.
Example 2: 75 PV retail + 165 PV personal + 1 New Leg (60 PV/kit) totals 300 PV.
Example 3: 150 PV retail + 150 PV personal totals 300 PV.

As a reminder, please come back to this form each month that you qualify for CORE300. Once you qualify 3 months in the Fiscal Year of Amway’s calendar (running September to August), you’ll qualify as 3Q – 6 months qualifies you as 6Q and 12 months as 12Q.

We are so proud of you!
Joe & Marybeth and the Diamond Team

CORE300 Self-Report

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