The Markiewicz Diamonds invite you to attend this life altering event called Heart of a Leader 2017 (HOAL17)!

The entire event will be recorded by Leadership Team Development, Inc. and Markiewicz International (LTD/MI). Images of people attending or participating in the event may be used on LTDtv, in business support materials, and for promotions. By registering and attending the event, you agree to allow LTD/MI to use your image and personal information in these recordings.

In accordance with this policy, LTD/MI prohibits any and all personal recordings of any LTD/MI event. This includes major weekend conferences, weekend leaderships, team meetings, training sessions, attitude sessions, and night owls. Audio, video, and cellular recordings of these events are not permitted; all audio and video recording devices are prohibited on the premises except by the expressed written permission of LTD/MI. Any attempt by unauthorized personnel to record these events may result in the confiscation of and forfeiture of the recording device. No recording devices will be allowed into LTD/MI events and all bags, briefcases, and backpacks are subject to be searched.




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